DEPG/FS is offering free chipping through San Diego County Fire Safe Council.  Use the link below to sign up.  

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Preparing  your chipping piles before you sign up for the program.

  • no ground-clearing disturbance permitted while removing tree limbs or brush
  • chipping crew is not responsible for moving brush beyond a 5′ distance from the chipper
  • no palm, cactus, poison oak, or ice plant will be chipped
  • brush must be free of mud, rocks, and other debris
  • maximum six-inch diameter on cut limbs
  • piles should be: no more than six feet high, within five feet of road edge, and with cut ends facing road
  • piles must be fully accessible for chipping equipment and crew
  • chipped material to be left on-site in the area, not hauled away
  • brush or limbs that have been mechanically removed (by tractor or bulldozer) will not be chipped
  • brush or limbs that have been cleared or stacked with a tractor, or bulldozer, will not be chipped
  • contractors are provided with a schedule; final scheduling decisions are made by the contractor based on location
Go to the SDFSC web site for more information at