Public Service 2-Way

Ham Radio Enthusiast can download a printable version of the information on this page.  Public Service 2-Way Section

Public Service 2-Way Communications

  • American Red Cross (ARC) – The Red Cross doesn’t have a specific plan for use of Ham Radios, but they may have to implement it in the event of a back-country disaster. They still have possession of one assigned commercial public service VHF FM radio channel [47.42 Mhz simplex].
  • The Amateur Radio Emergency Service [ARES] is a group of volunteer amateur radio operators, sponsored by the American Radio Relay League [ARRL], and will most likely be the focal point of ARC communications.  It is a formalized group in which membership is normally preferred for training purposes, but in the context of a disastrous event, no well-­intentioned volunteer would likely be refused participation.
  • Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)  RACES is another group of volunteer amateur radio operators that exist specifically to support municipal governmental agencies as necessary during events. They are a unit of the San Diego County Sheriffs Department and the County Office of Emergency Services.