Prepare your property for wildfires:

Creating a Defensible Space around your home will help protect your home and provide a safety zone for fire fighters.  Fuel modification and planting fire-resistant plants are key components of creating a defensible Space.  Please check out these very helpful homeowner’s guides to fuel modification and defensible space.  You can get information about how to make a defensible space on line at or

Sunrise Powerlink Grants are available on line at to help you prepare your property for a wildfire.


Here’s a Homeowner’s Guide to Fuel Modification.
Defensible space Making Your Home Fire Safe
Fire, Plants and Defensible Space
Fire drought Resistant Plants

Prepare your house for a wildfire ideas:

Do you know your ember ignition zones around your house?

If you have a deck you may vulnerable to a fire gaining entry into your house. Here’s some information on making a deck safe from FireWise.

Did you know that your attic can be a source of fire ignition during a wildfire?  Click here for more information Attic Safety.

Do you have fencing that will resist wild fire embers?  Chick here for more information on Fencing.

Does your house have fire resistant coatings?  Click here for more information on House Coatings and roofs.