Follow the instructions of the emergency agencies.  Usually it is the Sheriff’s department.  Be kind as they are following orders and trying to save lives of both the residents and the emergency agency personnel. EVACUATION FLYER


You may be confused about information you get during a fire event.  Sometimes you may be told that the Temporary evacuation center is open soon after the fire has been announced, then later you are told there is an Evacuation Shelter.  Click above to find out more.


Living in a wildfire prone area we need to be able to leave quickly.  When there is an evacuation order to leave immediately you do not have time to gather up important and necessary things.  Have a bag prepacked with those must haves for each member of your family that can be grabbed as you evacuate.  In addition to a GO BAG it is recommended that we also have enough supplies to survive on our own for 72 HOURs.  KIDS GO BAG GO BAG  72 HOUR KIT   Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit.  Here is a list of some of the items you will need.     FIRST AID KIT


Pine Valley has developed a co-op plan to evacuate their animals when they are not home. Before a fire strikes they joined forces with their neighbors to work out a plan to evacuate the animals. This simple plan allows the chosen neighbor to know the animal, know what equipment to take, and where everything was located. The exchanged keys or gave info where the keys are so that the designated person can enter the house, barn area or even a vehicle/trailer.  They keep this information in a plastic sleeve or binder that is easy to grab in an emergency.  Click on ANIMAL INFORMATION which is a basic template you can use to help with the evacuation of your animals. Make sure you keep the plan updated at least once a year.  Also don’t forget your animal Go Bag.  ANIMAL GO BAG  

In addition to this, you can use a permanent marker to put your phone number on the hooves or another identifying info.


Do you know who to contact for your gas, electric or water service.  Do you know where the connection is or how to turn it off?  Here’s a handy page to put in your emergency information binder.  UTILITY INFO


Evacuations are hard enough but are you ready to return?  Here are some basic information to think about before you go back.  KNOW BEFORE YOU RETURN